*What density are the wigs?

All of our wigs (unless specified other) are 180% density. That would be considered a “natural full” wig. We recommend purchasing an additional bundle for the girls who want a more glamorous and voluminous look.

*How many bundles will I need for an install or a custom wig?

For a natural full look, you will need – 2 bundles for 12in-18in, 3 bundles for 20in-26in and 4bundles for 28in -34in (Add an additional bundle if you want glamour hair)

*Can this hair be colored?

This hair can be colored. We recommend getting that service from a specialist to protect your investment from amateur mistakes such as over processing. Once you have colored the hair it will no longer be %100 virgin human hair.

*What is the best way to maintain this hair?

We recommend using a clarifying shampoo free of parabens and follow up with hydrating conditioner. Use cold/cool water for shampoo and warm/lukewarm for conditioner. For best results comb through each step with wide tooth comb from ends to track/root. Avoid heavy product use and ones that contain alcohol. Avoid excessive heat and always use heat protectant. Lace Maintenance – For longevity we do not recommend bleaching knots. Aggressively scratching the lace to get to the scalp can cause shedding and thinning areas on the lace. Washing your extensions and keeping installs in no more than 2 &1/2 weeks at a time will be essential for your investment.