About Us

Hair Saviors Haus was founded July 15 2018. We strive to provide the highest quality hair extensions and units. Our mission is to make people feel confident in their look whether it be our luxury hair extensions for style and length, or our hair care products to keep your natural tresses thriving.

Meet Our Founder
CEO and Founder Melinda has had a special connection with the world or hair from a young age. She was a sought-after braider and stylist in her community by age 11. When virgin hair became more popular, she fell in love with the longevity and the option to fully protect natural coils and curly hair textures with closure, frontal and wig pieces. She loved how it allowed herself and clients no compromise of color and style while keeping a natural head full of hair. Melinda has also used her knowledge to create hair care products that promote hair growth and overall healthy hair lifestyle. Today she is still a sought-after hair stylist servicing beautiful people in Connecticut, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Melinda considers herself very fortunate to give people a pleasant experience in their hair journeys, from fun and creative looks to healthy hair. Her goal is to have Hair Saviors Haus be the “go to” for everything hair related globally.